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 Working from home can often be a challenge. Distractions from family, and especially children can soon ruin the dream of working from home, having that short commute from the kitchen to the home office, and become a disruptive distraction to your productivity. Many people give up on the dream really quickly because they find that they are too distracted by those around them. 

If you are planning on working form home it is essential to plan this correctly, and where possible create a space that is conducive to high capacity, and effective working.

In this blog post we will review the best practises for working from home, and being the most productive.

First and foremost, it is important to establish exactly where you are going to work. Whilst it makes a lovely Instagram post to show you relaxing on the sofa with your laptop on your lap, and a cup of coffee by your side, this is probably not the best place to get a lot of work done. Working from home is something personally I have always struggled with. I have 2 young children and with that comes the stress of a toddler, and the constant need for attention. Working from home will not be for everyone.

I recommend that where ever it is you set a place that is your work place. When you enter this place your mindset changes to work, and you can focus on getting things done. This can be a spare room, or dining room table. A garage conversion or garden office. But to be productive you need to still “go to work” somewhere. The area needs to be away from distractions like children, and other family members. The temptation to engage with you, and ask you to get involved in household jobs, and “could you just…” will happen all the time.  

I would advise that you ensure there is adequate space for you to stay organised, and not be working in clutter and mess. Somewhere you can keep all of your technology needs close by- such as your computer, printer, and scanner for example.

Most importantly there needs to be an agreement with your family, and those around you that when you are at work, you are at work. You are left to get through your jobs, and be productive. Without the support of your family, and those you share your living space with it will become very difficult to work from home. Many people fail at this transition.

In an ideal world a home office would be exactly that. A separate office, with a door that can be closed. You’ll have a desk, and ergonomically designed chair. Some form of minimalistic design and décor. A place that you can get in the zone and work hard towards your goals without the distractions of the outside world.


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  • 13th April 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Great article! This would be great to do a follow up with tools and resources to improve focus while working from home.


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