What I learned from Dr. Jordan B Peterson

What I learned from Jordan Peterson

One of the things I like to do on my 90 minute drive to and from my office is to listen to podcasts and lectures on YouTube. It’s potentially a waste of 3 hours a day for me until I am able to relocate closer to my business operations, and I like to make the best use of the time in the car as possible. Podcasts and YouTube lectures have proven a great source of information and learning for me.

Yesterday I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast with Jordan Peterson. Dr Peterson is always a great podcast guest with incredible insight to the human mind; but yesterday I picked up on something that really resonated with me.

Are you aiming low enough?

When he first said it, I thought, as Joe Rogan did in fact, that this is somewhat counter intuitive to achieving more in your life. But what Jordan Peterson went on to explain made perfect sense, and resonated with me so much.

You see, as humans, fulfilment in life comes from the striving to improve, and experiencing satisfaction in achieving that improvement. From trying to be better than we were yesterday. However, we have a tendency to do two things with our goals. Firstly, we make them too big and unachievable in our own mind. So we give up as we cannot see the progress we are making. Secondly, we feel we are above doing the small little things which would make incremental improvements in our life and help us work towards these much larger goals. We feel that firstly, we should not have to do these small things, and secondly because they are small things, they will not impact us to the larger goal with have in life. When in reality the opposite is true.

It was the notion that we feel ourselves above doing the small things for improvement that really struck a chord with me. Simple things such as making your bed in the morning were used as an example. Or today I will commit to going for a walk or eating a salad for lunch. Small, very achievable things, which can easily be integrated into a positive habit. These small 1% improvements will over time compound into incredible improvements in our life. Having a strategy of incremental improvements and achieving what may be seen a picking the low-lying fruit are important towards improving towards where we ultimately want to be in life.

These process goals we set should be something which moves us forward from where we are today, challenges us slightly, but is achievable. A great example can be found within fitness. We wouldn’t go from lifting a certain weight to try and lift double that the next day, if the original weight was somewhat of a challenge. We would make incremental improvements as not to injure ourselves. However, overtime the original weight would become easy and we would move towards our goal with daily work.

Dr Jordan Peterson points out that one of his 12 rules for life is that you should compare yourself to who you were yesterday and progression you assess should be against that person and not who someone else is today. This is an important psychological aspect of self-improvement.

I think this podcast resonated with so much as it made me realise personally since I have been on this journey of #fixingmichael that whilst I have lofty outcome goals, such as losing 2 stone, running a 50 minute 10km, turning my business in to a £M enterprise, focusing on the end goal is not what is going to eventually get me to it. It is the process goals; the incremental steps, even at the smallest and lowest levels that move us forward and will help make me better than I was yesterday.

Be better than you were yesterday. Everyday. In a year you won’t recognise yourself as the person you once were.

I am currently building my social media and own You Tube channel. I will be interviewing people on You Tube who I feel can help me move my life to where I want it to be. Help me with the incremental steps. If you would like to get involved, then please get in touch.

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